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Our farm is located in Kratzerville right off of Rt. 204 on the outskirts of Selinsgrove. My name is Janel Ashburn, and I am the director/founder of Ashburn’s Animals, LLC. People have been asking me how and why I’ve started Ashburn’s Animals, LLC and well, it’s a multifaceted story.

My husband Doyle and I purchased our 55-acre farm roughly 12 years ago. At the time I worked as a nurse in a level one trauma center ICU. I absolutely love animals and simply cannot tolerate the idea of an animal that does not have adequate or proper care. Needless to say I quickly began filling the farm with homeless or unwanted animals and quite often had my husband saying, “What are you going to do with all of these animals?” I truly did not have a good response.

In the mean time, we had two boys, Jett and Caleb, and I contnued to work as a nurse and part-time farmer. However, working as a nurse in a critical care unit was truly becoming more and more unpleasant. It seemed as though good things never happened, and the ICU was filled with so much sorrow. It got to the point that the only thing that made me feel better was taking my kids and going to work and play with the animals.

Slowly, I began researching Animal Assisted Therapy and talking with people who have done dog therapy and volunteered with a local therapeutic riding group. At this point I realized I too, can provide animal therapy, but in a much different manner. With much research and planning, along with a great deal of help from my husband, family and The Moyer Boys, Ashburn’s Animals on a Mission, LLC was created. Our activities and therapy include a wide variety of animals that not only occur on our farm, Three Dog Hollow, but we also travel to many public and private events throughout the year.

In order to raise funds for our animal care, health charts, registrations, gas, etc, we take the animals to area festivals and fairs offering the petting zoo and selling animal feed for them as well as selling pony rides. Please check the activities/scheduling section for a list events and thank you for taking the time to look at our site!